Q1. What are library rules?
Ans-> General instructions:-
  • Keeping in mind that the library is a place of individual study and research, members should maintain an atmosphere
        of dignity, peace and silence within the library premises. Every Library User has a right to a peaceful environment
        for reading. Please make sure that you are not violating this right of other users.
  • A student must carry his/her identity card with him and should display the card ,when requested to do so by anyone
        among the library staff.
  • Underlining or marking / tearing / folding of pages/ defacing or damaging in any way of library books or other
        materials is strictly prohibited. Users indulging in such practices may debarred from using the library.
  • Outwears, brief cases, handbags, files, umbrellas and similar items should be kept outside in the Luggage Racks
        outside the Library
  • Members should return all materials borrowed from the library before proceeding on any kind of long leave.
  • The librarian has the power to cancel the tickets and refuse admission to anyone who violates the rules and
        regulations of the library or indulges in any other type of misconduct.
  • Eating/ Smoking/ littering in the Library premises is strictly prohibited.

    Q2. How can I use RFID ?
    Ans->Refer this link.

    Q3. How many books a user can issue ?
                                                            Tentative Policy        
    UG PG Research Scholar
    Main Library   4   4       8
    Book Bank   4   4       -

    Q4.Can I borrow reference books?
    Ans->No,but these books can be referred within Library.Some part of it can be photocopied if required.

    Q5. I do not belong to MNIT.Can I use library?
    Ans->Sure. For more details, you can contact at the counter.

    Q6. How to use DELNET service?
    Ans-> You can find answer over here

    Q7. What are the overdue charges?
    Ans->You should contact at the library counter in order to find out the late fine. They keep on varying from time to time.

    Q8. I have lost/Damaged the issued book.What should I do?
    Ans->In such cases ,user has to replace with latest edition of damaged/issued book available in market.

    Q9. Can I bring my own books/issued books for study inside Library?
    Ans->Yes,student has to take a temporary entry slip with detail of books being taken inside.
    Q10. When are the books being issued from Book Bank ?
    Ans->The Books are issued at the starting of the session of each semester.You will be informed at that time.

    Q11. How can I access library database?
    Ans->You can visit Web-Opac section of the website.