The Conference : NCPAC

Control and automation play a vital role in process industries. Without control and automation, the industrial units would have to be handled manually, which will cause more time and energy consumption and also causes to more expenses. This conference expects to discuss the state of the art research results & perspectives of future of automation & control in the process industries or other fields. This conference will provide the opportunities that will enable the participants to expand their expertise & develop lasting relationships with their peers & ultimately advance in their career. The conference will also deliberate on current challenges & trends associated with the automation & control.

Selected Research Articles will be included in a special issue of International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE) (ISSN: 2394-7454). Papers with plagiarism will not be considered for publishing in the journal.


The Best Paper Award will be given to the individual(s) judged by a separate award committee in each session of the conference.